Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stoner Food Review: QB's Crispy Treat filled with Ice Cream

I stared in amazement and awe when I saw this at the local natural foods store.  We bought one vanilla and one chocolate, but I was only able to try the vanilla flavor before they were all gone.  One is definitely enough.  they also have a strawberry variety.  The squares were very sweet and rich. and unlike most food products, the crispy ice cream treats inside the box were BIGGER then the ones on the box!!   This is a combination that begs to go together to satisfy a sweet, multi-textured, multi-junk food craving.  I haven't seen a conventional version of this, so yay for the natural food industry for coming up with some delicious natural stoner snack!  I would only recommend this for true fans of rice crispy treats because they were a little awkward and sticky to eat by hand... but worth it.   Make sure to eat fresh out of  the freezer!