Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot Chocolate & Bailey's Irish Cream

And marshmallows!  It's cold.  Which means it's time to grab a mug and cozy up.  I noticed my cupboards were barren of hot chocolate, so I went by the new EarthFare (store #420!!) and picked up some Equal Exchange drinking chocolate and 'mallows.  I mixed the cocoa with H20 leaving plenty of 'room for cream' so that I could add an ample amount of delicious Bailey's to make the hot chocolate creamy and keep me toasted!

1 serving powdered Hot Chocolate
1 cup boiled water
1-2 shots Bailey's Irish Cream

Place 1 serving powdered hot cooca in your mug.  Boil water and pour in mug, leaving 1-2 inches for the Irish Cream.   Top off with Irish Cream and Marshmallows!