Friday, May 14, 2010

Chocolate Banana Pudding Cupcakes with Nutella Cream Cheese Frosting

Oh, yes.  I love it when the recipes that get hypothesized in my THC haze turn out to be just as tasty and  delicious as I ever hoped they would be on the first trial run.  This idea came about from a classic case of "what do I have in my cupboards and refridgerator?"  I have a habit of collecting dry goods that I find on the on the cheap, so I had a couple of packets of banana pudding and some chocolate cake mix hanging out for a while...waiting for a birthday or some attack of the stoner sweet tooth.  


1 box Chocolate Cake mix
   +  ~2 eggs and some milk (whatever the box says)
8 oz whipped cream cheese
4 oz. Nutella or Nutella knock-off (Fantastico!!)
3-4 oz banana pudding
A pastry bag, icing syringe or some other type of goo-injecting device


Follow the directions on the cake  mix box for cupcakes.  When the cupcakes are done baking, let them cool for at least 30-40 minutes so they are room temperature.  Mix Nutella and whipped cream cheese together in a bowl and set aside.  Pull a syringe full of banana pudding and inject ~1/2 oz into the top of the cupcakes.  (This is so you can cover the hole with the frosting).

Then spread the Nutella-Cream Cheese frosting on top and enjoy your moist little surprise puddin' cakes!!!