Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stonerific Dessert Plates

If you dare to venture out in public...

Having a food blog turns you into one of those people that takes a picture of everything you eat before putting it into your mouth.  I'd like to to think that I spare you of my every intestinal traveller, but I will say that my camera is way overloaded with food photo shoots.  Some of them from restaurant foods that I was fortunate enough to be served.  I noticed that I had several shots from abundantly ridiculous dessert foods, so I decided to share them with you.  I hope they inspire you and make your salivary glands sweat!

Sekisui: Choko Maki Dessert Sushi
(pictured above)

This was the perfect combination of varying colorful and sweet foods presented in a creative display.  And you can eat it with chopsticks!  The "rice" element is made from a flattened and rolled Rice Krispy treat.  The middle consists of fresh banana, coffee chocolate mouse and cookie.  Strawberries, drizzled chocolate and shaved white chocolate decorate the top of the roll.  It was fun to share for my friend Emily's 29th birthday.  

The Melting Pot: Cookies and Marshmallow Dream Fondue

Mmmmm.  I've been meaning to acquire a fondue pot for a while.  


This is from another outing with my friend Emily.  We opted for just cheese and chocolate for dinner with a bottle of wine.  The place is kind of pricey, so forgoing an entree was our way of keeping it cheap. 

Our fondue pot was filled with dark chocolate, marshmallows and chocolate and creme cookies (think Oreo like).  Our plate was full of wondrous things to poke and dip: bananas, cherry cheesecake, brownies, dusted marshmallows, rice krispy treats and strawberries.  (Hmmmm...kinda similar ingredients to the sushi).   Yum Yum  Fun.  

Pricci: Dessert Sampler

Oh, how I love thy gourmet dessert plates.  This particular gem was found at Pricci, a fairly upscale Buckhead restaurant where I celebrated my mother's last birthday with a group of old friends.  This one is DEFINITELY for sharing, and worth it for the communal dessert-gasm noises.  Featured on this plate were: 

Tiramisu (classic)
Zuccotto (Chocolate Cake with toffee & rasberry-hazelnut mousse) 
Cherry Almond Tart (it was warm!)
Prosecco Peach Jello 
Toffee Almond Clusters
-and chocolate n' caramel were squirted ever-so fancifully over the whole plate-

That's all for now.  If you have any stoner-approved food porn pics from a dish that you've been served, feel free to send them my way so I can post them!  

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