Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Toaster Pastry S'mores

I just want to say.... this is one of the most beautiful and delicious creations I have ever made.  

The sweet berry filling mixed with the the quality dark chocolate makes this unlike any S'mores that has come before it.  

You must try this before you die. 


2 toaster pastries/pop-tarts (I recommend strawberry or cherry-pomegranate flavors from Nature's Path)
3 large marshmallows
1 bar dark chocolate (I used Newman's Own Dark chocolate-it was exactly the same size as the toaster pastries!!!)


Place both Toaster Pastries, icing side down, on a plate.  Place 3 marshmallows on one pastry.  Place both pastries in the toaster oven.  Toast until marshmallow tops are brown. 

Remove from oven.  Place chocolate bar on the toaster pastry without the marshmallows.  

Sandwich together and let it blow your mind like a sticky, melty, sweet chocolate-marshmallow shotgun.


  1. amazing lol. I love your blog, your an inspiration to other aspiring culinary types

  2. what's the advantage of having a toaster oven versus just having a regular toaster Home Addons

  3. Been hunting down such a wonderful blog like this for quite a while.Emily

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