Friday, October 1, 2010

What Happens When You Throw Chocolate Covered Cherries in a Fondue Pot and Dip Soft Pretzels and Marshmallows in it??

Holy Shit.  There are no words.


1 box of chocolate covered cherries (~12-16 cherries)
1/4 cup cream (you could use a non-dairy cream or an cream liqueur)
1  3-4 oz. bar or milk or dark chocolate, whichever you prefer
Soft Pretzels (we used the frozen variety that you can just pop in the oven/microwave)


Melt chocolate bar, chocolate covered cherries and cream in a fondue pot or saucepan set to medium.  Stir and smash chocolate covered cherries with a wooden spoon.  Try to smash as many of the cherries as you can to impart more of their flavor into the medley.

Once the concoction has completely melted, gather round and start dipping!  We kept it simple with just the pretzels and marshmallows, one salty and one sweet.  You can dip anything you want!  The whole spirit of this recipe was to EXPERIMENT and luckily it turned out smashing.  The fondue sauce was fairly quick and easy to make. Great for any assembly of hungry folks, stoned or sober.

It should also be noted that this fondue sauce was just as foxy as a cold chocolate dip or topping.  I think, perhaps, that I may have created something new...Cold Fondue!!  Much more convenient for the solo munchies, you can dip cookies, fruit or marshmallows in it or pour it on top of a bowl of ice cream.  It has a thicker consistency, but is just as tasty.


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