Thursday, January 6, 2011

Soft Pretzel and Hummus

An easy but delicious and satisfying combo.  The hummus pictured above happens to be a very pungent and tasty garlic hummus.  

A short list of other good things to dip into hummus:
Warm Garlic Naan
Tortilla chips
French Fries
Crudité (especially carrots)
Warm Bread 
String Cheese

Fresh or frozen soft pretzel

Warm up pretzel in microwave or toaster oven.  If you're using a frozen variety, follow the directions on the box.*  Serve on a plate, with a big heaping spoonful of your favorite hummus, plain or flavored.  If you have more then one type of hummus in the fridge, you should put some of each on your plate -- variety stimulates the mind and the taste buds.  In fact, I would encourage adding a mustard or two to the plate as well if the mood strikes you.

Dip and eat with your hands.  

*once, when i was a young child, i came home from school and attempted to heat up a frozen pretzel in the microwave.  going off of memory, i failed to look at the directions on the box and nuked the pretzel for 2 minutes rather then 20 seconds.  when it finished cooking, it was completely hard.  i had baked my giant soft pretzel into a giant hard pretzel.  unfortunately it was too hard to really eat and enjoy, so it ended up in the trash.  i was very sad because it was the last pretzel.  learn from my mistakes, don't be a sad pretzel-less fool.   


  1. I just discovered your blog and everything about it is awesome. I'd love to see some more food. :0

  2. I love hummus! I like that you added "fingers" to dip into hummus... sometimes hummus is good all by itself :)